James asks…

I want to buy watch for my wife and confused between Longines & Raymond weil. Which one you think is better?

rmahadevan answers:

I was reading reviews on Longines and Raymond Weils.
Raymond Weils got a few reviews for different ladies watches and none received 5 stars. 4 stars was the highest and there were a few with them.
The Longines looks more elegant and is endorsed by many famous people like Kate Winslet, Steffi Graf, Ingeborga Dapkunaite, Denise Keller, Chi Ling Lin, Andre Agassi, and Oleg Menshikov to name a few.
Has your wife made mention of any watch or style she likes or is this a total surprise for her?
If not I would go with the Longines.

Richard asks…

What is a better watch brand – Longines of IWC?

In terms of class, durability and pretige.

rmahadevan answers:

Iwc are better in terms of prestige, but longines are very good quality, longines are just as good, but don’t cost as much, if you are a snob, get an iwc, if you prefer good value for money, get a longines

Donna asks…

Is this a original LONGINES WATCH?

just got a longines watch with a heavy price tag and just wanted to know if it was original or not..
it’s a Longines Chrono homme acier et cuir – Mouvement Automatique # – L2.673.4.78.3

please see the photos- http://postimg.org/gallery/6gdmfzyg/

rmahadevan answers:

Certainly seems to be. Find an appraiser.

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David asks…

What kind of watch is Zac Efron wearing in the movie Charlie St. Cloud?

I have searched for hours on the internet and have not had any luck. Any help? It is a blue velcro watch. If anybody knows the brand and model that would be great.

rmahadevan answers:

Found it! I saw the watch too and wanted to see what it was. It really is a nice watch. Picture of the watch from the movie:


Tag Heuer’s site (does the dial look the same?):


And finally, my source (with the help of Google):


In short, the watch is a Tag Heuer Aquaracer Calibre (although I can’t find one with a blue band, I can find a blue dial with a black band). However, if you have about $1,100 to buy the watch, I am sure they’ll find the dial and band you want…

Edit: A nice similar watch might be the Armani Exchange Blue Rubber & Stainless Steel watch (it’s only $180.00):

Robert asks…

Are Tag Heuer watches classy?

My mom is getting me a ladies Tag Heuer Aquaracer for Christmas. How do you feel about them?

rmahadevan answers:

If you are looking for Tag Heuer watches, you have to visit www.interwatches.com.
They have a great selection of Tag Heuer watches for women and men, with great prices and big variety. Free and very fast shipping USA.

Nancy asks…

Omega Seamaster GMT or TAG Heuer Aquaracer?

I want to buy a nice watch and have eliminated the choices to two an Omega Seamaster GMT


or a TAG Heuer Aquaracer in blue


i was wondering what your expert opinions would suggest………..


rmahadevan answers:

Omega watches hold their value…

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Richard asks…

How much does Chanel sunglasses, handbags and earrings cost in France?

I am thinking about going to Paris, France 2010 and I would love to go to a Chanel store and buy a pair of sunglasses, a handbag and the logo earrings. How much does it cost? All I know it’s expensive, lol!

rmahadevan answers:

The Sunglasses I can give you a good answer but with a range since I do not know which pair you are talking about. And in dollars. There is a new eyewear expo in Paris this month were they will be introducing new frames from several new designers including chanel. The price of the frames will be an average of $267.50 ranging from $225 to $550. Generally eyewear is less than the earrings and handbags. So I would assume you could spend over $1000. Have fun shopping!

Betty asks…

How comfortable are you with letting guy friends look in your handbag?

My best gal pal whilst she was driving the other day asked me to look in her handbag to make sure she’d picked up her mobile before leaving work. Whilst we completely trust each other I still felt like I was invading her privacy a little but she was totally fine with it. What I’m wondering is how territorial you are of your handbag ladies? I’ve been close friends with this girl for over 4 years now so don’t know if that makes any difference to my own situation.

rmahadevan answers:

The way i see it is as long as you know who ever is looking in the bag won’t steal anything then who cares (especially in the case of knowing someone for years and having a close relationship with them) i have nothing to hide so i could care less if one of my friends needs something from my bag (like chapstick, mirror, ect) however there is a difference between looking in my bag for a purpose and just going thru my stuff… That said as long as the person says something along the lines of “i need this, do you mind if i look in your bag for one” then why not as long as i give my permission which i usually will (with some exceptions, like my best friend can look in my bag for whatever she needs, and my boyfriend has that same permission as long as he is not going thru my bag for the sake of snooping thru my stuff- which he has never done)
also if i specifically ask a person to look thru my stuff for something i may have forgotten or whatever the reason may be i would not want them to feel as though they are invading my privacy, as had i asked them to do me a favor

point is people who have serious personal space issues, or people who are hiding something are usually the ones who would be uncomfortable with a close friend looking through their bag

Susan asks…

Where can I get the handle of my handbag repaired?

My friend’s dog chewed the leather handle of my Paolo Masi handbag the other night (in a bad spot, not on the seam). Any advice on where I can send it to be repaired?

rmahadevan answers:

You can go to any shoe repair place and they ll fix it for you. I advise you go to a few and ask what they would do to fix your bag bcuz there will be some places that will do a better job then others and for less :)

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Thomas asks…


…hear that Bulova is having a close out sale on Accutron, Caravelle,marine star Watches. Anyone know where to go online
Is it true that Wittnauer watches are not made in the US?

rmahadevan answers:

I do know that Bulova, Wittnauer, Caravelle, and Accutron Watches are all on sale at http://www.UticaWatches.com

Specifically, check out their site on this link which has all the Bulova Watches presently on the close out sale list. Hope this helps.


Lizzie asks…

Scuba Diving Watches?

I am looking at buying a watch and i was wondering if you can use a water resistance watch tht is resistant up to 300+ meters for scuba diving or would i need to buy a water proof watch

rmahadevan answers:

You should check with the manufactures spec, the stores will usually have them. I have lost more expensive watches that were “water resistant” watches due to condensation inside and general errors when have repairs done, on one it wasn’t properly pressure tested after a repair and flooded… It was WR 200 M. When I returned it I was told it was not meant to be used as a waterproof watch thus no warranty. Some other watches such as Bulova Marine Stars are guaranteed water proof to the rated depth, its in writing from the company. Basically if you have a cheap watch dive it to see how deep it lasts and if its more expensive, unless the manufacturer guarantees it for diving don’t use it.
P.S. Some of the mid priced watch like the Casio G-Shock are great for diving with I’ve had my G-Shock on about 40 dives,several deeper than 30 metres and it still runs great.

Paul asks…

what were 5 mistakes the U.S and the Japanese made from the movie tora tora tora?

rmahadevan answers:

Here are all of them

Anachronisms: As the bombers fly towards Pearl Harbor they pass over the white cross at Scofield Barracks which was erected in memory of the people that were about to be killed in the raid.

Anachronisms: Many of the US Navy ships visible during the attack on Pearl Harbor were not commissioned until the 1950s and 1960s.

Errors in geography: The angle of the sun is incorrect for the time of day and year. This is especially noticeable on the Japanese strike aircraft flying over Oahu toward Pearl Harbor Naval Station itself.

Anachronisms: When Col. Bratton and Lt. Cmdr. Kramer walk into the Navy cryptography workroom, the Marine sentry at the door is wearing “modified blues” – a khaki shirt and tie with the USMC dress-blue uniform’s red-striped blue trousers. The Marine Corps didn’t adopt this uniform until after World War II.

Anachronisms: When the captain runs into the building to send the message “This is not a drill,” a Pearl Harbor memorial can be seen in the background as he rushes past.

Anachronisms: In the opening scene of Washington D.C., the building on the left is the Museum of American History which was not built until around 1959.

Anachronisms: Early in the attack, one deck officer is shown wearing a “Caravelle” wristwatch with the imprint “Waterproof” on the dial face. Bulova’s web site indicates that the Caravelle line of watches was introduced in 1962, some 21 years after the attack.

Continuity: When the Ward attacks the Japanese minisub near the entrance to Pearl harbor, the minisub’s depth is inconsistent between shots. We see it alternately with its entire sail out of the water, then with just the periscope visible.

Crew or equipment visible: When the Japanese planes are launching from their carrier on the morning of the attack, as the 3rd or 4th plane launches against the morning twilight, the head and camera of a cameraman can be seen silhouetted at the bottom of the screen.

Audio/visual unsynchronized: When Ambassador Nomura is speaking with Secretary Hull, Shogo Shimada’s voice is dubbed by Paul Frees. However, when Hull invites Nomura to sit down, you can hear Shimada speak with his own voice and then the dubbing resumes.

Continuity: When the first B-17 is being chased by the Japanese fighter, only one wheel is down. In the next shot both wheels are down and in the shot where the plane finally lands only one wheel is down.

Factual errors: When the Japanese aircraft are taking off from the carriers to bomb Pearl Harbor, several of the aircraft that would have carried a crew of two or three (representing Nakajima B5N torpedo bombers and Aichi D3A dive bombers) are seen with a pilot and without the other crewmembers (gunner, radio operator, etc)

Factual errors: The full-scale replica of USS Nevada seen throughout movie has too many 14-inch guns. USS Nevada and USS Oklahoma had 10 14-inch guns (2 3-gun turrets and 2 2-gun turrets, with one of each type turret fore and aft). The full-scale Nevada has 12 14-inch guns as found on later USS Arizona and USS Pennsylvania. The miniature models of Nevada and Oklahoma used in the Battleship Row sequences have the correct number and layout of 14-inch guns.

Continuity: When USS Ward commences attack on Japanese midget sub, sub is shown with piece of conning tower missing before Ward hits it with gunfire. As sub is diving after being hit, conning tower is intact.

Anachronisms: Incoming Japanese planes fly over a modern microwave tower on a ridge on Oahu.

Audio/visual unsynchronized: When the band is playing the “Star Spangled Banner” as the attack begins, the audio and video are out of sync at the end. Also, the band appears to have played the song twice.

Revealing mistakes: As Cordell Hull is getting word of the attack over the phone in his office, he’s holding the receiver against his cheek, not his ear.

Anachronisms: The Japanese aircraft are shown with the national insignia having a white outline around the red “sun”. The white outline was not used until 1943

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Sandra asks…

what is the cheapest thing to buy at sephora?

i have a coupon that i can only use if i spend a certain amount of money. i need to spend $2 more in order to use the coupon (unless sales tax counts towards the amount, hmmm, do you think it does?) what kinds of things can i buy there for 2$?

rmahadevan answers:

A sharpener

Sandy asks…

where can i buy Makeup Forever HD foundation other than at sephora and do any stores sell it for less?

and since it is so expensive is there anywhere that i can get coupons or something for it?

rmahadevan answers:

Makeup Forever counters in department stores.
I believe they’re around the same price, and usually their exchange/return policies are not as great as Sephora.
You can check out retailmenot.com for coupons

Joseph asks…

Where are good places to find printable coupons?

For places like wet seal, american eagle, victoria secrets, hollister, sephora, bare minerals, abercombie and fitch, or any other stores you can find in the mall. Thank you for everone that answers!!(:

rmahadevan answers:


coupons on everyhting

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Michael asks…

Can you finance a Tiffany and Co. engagement ring?

I was just wondering if Tiffany’s had their own credit card. I remember for mother’s day i bought my mom a tennis bracelet from Kay Jewelers and i opened a card with them and charged it for 12 months no interest.
Id like to propose to my girl on Thanksgiving but i dont have 1,500 for the ring i want to get her at Tiffany’s. She always wanted that one but i dont want to wait a year to save up so can i finance it?
Do they have their own card? or can you pay bit by bit?
thanks all!
Also, do you need good credit or can it just be ok?
i screwed it up a while back but i spent 4 years trying to fix it.

rmahadevan answers:

You should only get what you can afford *without* incurring debt.

Financing = DEBT.


Maria asks…

can someone go into tiffany’s, for example, and finance an engagement ring?

rmahadevan answers:

Sure you can… They have a credit card. But you’re credit better be stellar, because Tiffany engagement rings are very expensive and you’ll be financing a lot of money :) But, if you can afford it – go for it!

Robert asks…

Can you find a matching wedding band to my engagement ring?

My finance had proposed to me with a white gold .25 ct 6-prong marquise cut engagement ring. Since it didn’t come as a set, we’re looking for a curved wedding band that will sit perfectly next to it.

I wasn’t able to post a pic, but here’s the link. It’s the FIRST pic of a ring.



rmahadevan answers:

You would have to look at some chevron (vee-shaped) rather than curved, to fit/match.

What would be better is to find a wrap made for a marquise cut ring – this first site has lots of wraps, guards, and enhancers -





Good luck!

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Joseph asks…

where can i find CITIZEN watches in dubai?

Hello everyone….. In which shopping mall and in which area can i find citizen watches in dubai?
could not edit my question so had to ask another doubt here… what will be the price range of citizen watches?

rmahadevan answers:

From where i work, Dubai mall. Its around 1500 up depending on your budget.

Robert asks…

How can I remove condensation inside my watch?

I have a Citizen watch that is suppose to be water proof, but I had the chrystal replaced last year and apparently it wasn’t sealed correctly. I went swimming over a week ago and ended up with water inside the watch which hasn’t dried yet. I’ve tried leaving it under a lamp for a few hours and it didn’t work. I don’t have the receipt for the work that was done so I’m resorting to home remedies.

Any ideas?

rmahadevan answers:

All I’ve been able to find regarding this issue is recommendations to take the watch to “a specialist” to assess the damage if any.

If the watch still has a valid warranty, you may want to try getting a replacement.

If in the process of having the crystal replaced the warranty was voided, there may not be much you can do, except contact the place and let them know they did the work on your watch, and that you don’t have the receipt. If you can tell them the date (I realize you probably can’t), they may have a copy of that receipt themselves. Even without that information, they might do the right thing and take a look at it for you, although they might be afraid of being liable if it is indeed damaged due to their negligence.

In the future keep your receipts. Put them all in a big box and even though it’ll take hours to sort through and find them, at least you will have them. Or else organize them with folders by date. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. :p

Wish I could be further help to you. It’s entirely possible the face of the watch will need to be removed and the water dried manually. Putting it under a lamp was a reasonable attempt. I might have tried the same. In time, the water will dry, however, you may regret waiting if it ends up leaving evidence.

Good luck to you.

P.s. The blow dryer idea the other answerer had might indeed work. Try different angles and see if it has any effect.

Sandra asks…

Where is the best place to buy a diamond watch?

I am looking for a mens gold plated/bonded (not toned) with genuine diamonds in it, black dial and round rather square. I have been looking at Citizens Electra Eco Drive that retail around $500 because they look good, but I am not too happy with my last citizen watches performance.

Price should not be more than $500

rmahadevan answers:

Jewellers most probally

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Donna asks…

How do you know if a rolex watch is authentic?

rmahadevan answers:

“Spotting Fake Watches
Someone wants to sell you a genuine Rolex for only $150! Does that sound too good to be true? Of course it is! We’ve all seen these scoundrels on busy streets of metro areas. They are also found on the Internet, and they are taking advantage of gullible online buyers.

There are several key ways to avoid fake watches.

The number one piece of advice that anyone will give you is to buy watches with the manufacturer’s serial number. When buying expensive watches online, be sure that the vendor promises a manufacturer’s serial number. The finest luxury brands apply serial numbers to all their pieces. Fake watches will not have these. When in doubt, don’t.
Another good method to avoid fakes is to cross-reference a vendor with the brand’s web site. Almost every brand we’ve profiled has a list of authorized vendors on its website. In some cases, a vendor might not be authorized, but they may still be able to link you with an authorization agent.
Here are some other ways to avoid fakes:

Study the real models – browse manufacturer catalogues or websites and other displays. Be familiar with styles of bracelets, hands, clasps, etc. Be aware that not all configurations will be familiar, however.
Some very obvious replicas badly reproduce logos and face details. But also know the history of a brand and its various insignia.
Whether you are buying a new watch or a previously owned one, make sure that it has all the appropriate papers and (if applicable) that it comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee. A signed warranty is the best sign of validity.
Some online retailers sell fakes on purpose. Using one of these vendors only contributes to a big problem in the real world and on the Internet. It also shows a lack of respect for the authentic Swiss brands by supporting counterfeiting scoundrels. After wearing one of these cheap fakes, you’ll only want the real thing anyway.

Rolex is so avidly against counterfeiters its website has a lengthy guide to safeguard against fake Rolex watches.”


John asks…

How do you tell if a rolex watch is real? ?

Hey a ex boyfriend left his rolex he about a year ago given him ages to come and get it but he hasn’t was just wondering if it’s worth selling and how would I know if it’s fake or not

rmahadevan answers:

If it has a bezel (the thing around the outside of the face that has numbers on it). Turn it counter clock wise. Can you hear a “click”, or does it have a really fine pitch to it when it turns? All fakes will make a pronounced “click” sound. A Rolex has a very fine pitch so the “ratchet” action of the bezel is imperceptible.

Shake the watch from side to side. Can you hear something scraping against the inside of the watch? All fakes will scrape. A real Rolex is perfectly balanced, and the movement is firmly mounted. A fake movement is out of balance, and is held in place by a plastic ring. That is why the winding mass (weight) on the inside will scrape against the inside of the watch.

When fully would a real Rolex will keep time for about 40 hours if left on a desk. A fake will only keep time at best for about 12 hours. Most fake Rolex will loose time even if they are worn daily.

A real Rolex has no engraving on the back (not even a serial number).

If it is fake, then it is illegal and you can be subjected to a $5000 fine if you are caught with it. I suggest you toss it in the trash.

Lizzie asks…

how can you tell if a rolex in genuine?

Someone told me how to the other day but he didn’t seem to be a reliable source of info. He was saying that the second hand doesn’t tick but “sweeps” round. Also he said the crown was quite prominent on a real Rolex

rmahadevan answers:

This is a “Sweep” second hand: http://www.pocketwatchsite.com/sale/new/3861wa.html
This is not a “Sweep” second hand: http://www.pocketwatchsite.com/sale/dueber/dbrm7a.html
(Sorry the examples are pocket watches, but he principle is the same for a wrist watch or a pocket watch).

Notice that on the second watch the second hand is NOT connected to the center of the watch face. The term “Sweep” has nothing to do with a real or fake Rolex or any brand, or type of watch.

I have a real Rolex, and a fake of the same model. I am a watch collector. I own about 20 watches of various brand names, and types. All of them have a “smooth” moving second hand. Some “sweep” and some do not.

There are many web sites that offer information, but most are not all that up to date. My fake can pass all the tests listed on the sites. Here are some real tests:

1. Remove the bracelet (or “band” if you will). Look between the lugs. If there is no serial number, the watch is fake. If there is a serial number, but the numbers look “grainy” it is a fake.

2. Look at the Cyclops lens. If magnification is not 2.5x the watch is a fake.

3. Check the watch just before midnight. If the at midnight the date does not “snap” instantly to the next date, then the watch is a fake.

4. Shake the watch gently side to side. If you hear the weight inside scraping against the back cover of the watch it is a fake.

5. Shake the watch gently side to side. If you can feel the watch wobble internally it is a fake.

6.Grab a magnet. If the magnet reacts with any part of the bracelet (or “band” if you will), the watch is a fake.

7.Hold a small refrigerator magnet about 3” above the watch. Move it slowly toward the watch face. If the watch stops before the magnet is almost touching it is a fake.

My fake passes only tests 2, and 4. All the rest fail. Most fakes pass few, if any, of the above.

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Mandy asks…

tissot watch or police watch, what do you preffer?

i want to bur a watch, what’s your opinion about tissot watch and police watch?
thank you very much

rmahadevan answers:

Tissot all day every day. Tissot are a Swiss watch manufacturer who only produce quality watches. Police are a fashion brand who produce sunglasses and perfume. I would go with a Swiss manufacturer when it comes to watches.

Carol asks…

What is the difference between Tissot and Swiss Army watches?

rmahadevan answers:

The amount of SPAM posted on Y/A

Betty asks…

How much gold is there in this watch? TISSOT BOETT 18Carat?

I want to buy this watch its defekt its around 120 USD, 18 grams…I just wonder how much gold is there in these watches? how much pure gold of those 18 grams can I extract? Usually gold watches where exactly is the gold in them?

rmahadevan answers:

You don’t specify if you are talking about a man’s or woman’s watch. Next, I don’t recognize the word Boett in conjunction with a Tissot watch. The gold would only be in the case and possibly in the the watch band. If the watch itself weighs 18 grams, I would estimate the works inside to be about 6 gram and the case to be 12 grams. 18k gold in a 12 gram case would be about 9 grams of pure gold at about $40/gram melt-down value. Make sure though that is solid 18k gold and not just rolled in 18k gold.

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Daniel asks…

What color contacts would suit red hair and brown skin?

I’m 16, male, South Asian (with light brown skin, dark brown eyes and naturally black hair) and regularly bleach and dye my hair an intense red. What color contacts do you think would suit this- I usually wear hazel but I thought green or grey might be nice- what color contacts do you guys suggest? :D

rmahadevan answers:

Sells clothing,footwear,handbags,Sunglasses

Our products sell well in Europe and North America.
Our main product list is as follows:
1.Fashion Sports shoes:
Shox,Dunk,Jordan, Air max, Air force,Adidas, Puma,Prada,D&G, Chanel,
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2.Fashion T-Shirt & Jeans & Jacket:
Religion,Artful Dodger,Rock,Coogi,Crown Holder,RMC,etc.
3.Fashion Handbags:
LV , Prada , Chanel ,D&G, Fendi , EDhardy, Burberry , MIUMIU ,
Gucci ,Chloe , Juicy and Chole,Burse,etc.
4.others:brand watches(rolex,Longines…), belt(d&g, gucci, prada,
chanel, burberry…. ), hats, sunglasses etc.
We sincerely hope to establish the business relation with you.
Looking forward your visit.

Our Website: http://www.tntn.us look look look http://www.tntn.us

James asks…

At the cinema I saw an advert that I think has something to do with London Fashion Week, anyone know the song?

I cant remember anything about the song other than that it was about fashion and mentioned loads of designers.

rmahadevan answers:

“Fashion” by Koolwah feat Andi Fraggs

Lyrics Start at 2 mins 26 sec



“Fashion” by Lady Gaga



I am, I’m too fabu-lous
I’m so fierce that it’s so nuts
I live, to be model thin
Dress me, I’m your manne-quin

J’adore Vivienne la vie et moi,
Gucci, Fendi et Prada,
Valentino, Armani too,
Merde I love them Jimmy Choo

Fashion put it all on me
Don’t you want to see these clothes on me
Fashion put it all on me
I am anyone you want me to be
Fashion put it all on me
Don’t you want to see these clothes on me
Fashion put it all on me
I am anyone you want me to be

Ohhhh Ohhhhh
La La La
We love designer

I need, some new stile-ttos
Can’t walk, down the street in those
You are, who you wear it’s true
A girl’s just as hot as the shoe she chooses

J’adore Weitzman la vie et moi,
Louis, Dolce Gabbana,
Alexander McQueen et all,
Merde Love Those Manolo.

Fashion put it all on me
Don’t you want to see these clothes on me
Fashion put it all on me
I am anyone you want me to be
Fashion put it all on me
Don’t you want to see these clothes on me
Fashion put it all on me
I am anyone you want me to be

Ohhhh Ohhhhh
La La La
We Love Designer

Ohhhh Ohhhhh
La La La
We Love Designer

Fashion put it all on me
Don’t you want to see these clothes on me
Fashion put it all on me
I am anyone you want me to be
Fashion put it all on me
Don’t you want to see these clothes on me
Fashion put it all on me
I am anyone you want me to be

Fashion put it all on me
Don’t you want to see these clothes on me
Fashion put it all on me
I am anyone you want me to be
Fashion put it all on me
Don’t you want to see these clothes on me
Fashion put it all on me
I am anyone you want me to be

Ohhh Ohhhhh
La La La
We love designer

Thomas asks…

Does anyone know the song that says tons of desiners names?

I only heard it once in my sisters cheerleading routine. I dont know who its by so if anyone knows that would be great!

rmahadevan answers:

I think maybe “My Humps” by Black Eyed Peas?


Yeah. Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Adonna, Karen, se7en, True Religion…

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Jenny asks…

Radon mitigation system drain valve gurgling/thumping?

We recently moved into a house built in the mid 1990′s and the basement has a radon mitigation system installed. It consists of a subfoundation trench at the exterior wall connected to an evacuation fan. The trench is also tied in with a sealed sump pump and a drainage valve for the exterior basement stairs. According to the home inspector there is a one-way valve installed between the exterior drain and the rest of the system to allow water to drain into the sump through this system, but prevents the evacuation fan from symply sucking air in through this basement drain. After it rains we hear a gurgling/thumping sound coming from the exterior drain at the foot of the basement stairs. Is there something we can do to reduce or eliminate the gurgling/thumping without adversely affecting the radon mitigation system? This is our first house with a radon mitigation system, so we are not sure what’s normal.

rmahadevan answers:

Hi I’m a radon mitigator. I think a little more information would be needed to help you out. If you would like to send a couple of pictures of what the drain valve looks like that might be helpful.

But here is something that I do if a sump basin has a separate pipe running to the outside of the foundation. I constrict the the amount of suction directed to the outside by partially plugging the drain tile in the sump basket. BUT I do this based on how much water is flowing into the basket when it rains. If the drain outside takes on a lot of water when it rains I wouldn’t mess with it, especially if it would potentially flood the basement. If you can see the flow into the basket when it rains hard you can probably make a good assumption as to how much the pipe can closed up safely.
The idea is to lessen the air pressure created by the fan on the one way valve which will lessen the noise.
If you have a drain tile system on the interior of the footer and a separate inlet to the sump pump, the radon level will not be affected by constricting the drain inlet to the sump basket.

Linda asks…

Will waterproofing my basements in and of itself lower the radon levels in my basement?

Before investing in a full out radon mitigation system I wanted to understand if there is anything I can do while waterproofing my basement that would lower the levels of radon.

rmahadevan answers:

It may actually be worth a try. You have to seal up the floor in the basement anyway, so even if you put in the work and that doesn’t completely solve the problem you’ve at least done some of what you need to.

Some important things to keep in mind:

When sealing your basement floor and walls, use polyurethane caulk. It is the only thing that sticks properly to concrete and continues to seal as it ages.

You will have to go over your basement floor and walls very carefully. Every crack must be filled. Use a crack chaser or a circular saw with a masonry blade to open up each crack so that you get an adequate bead of caulk in it. Do not just trowel caulk over the surface of little cracks.

Be sure to seal all around the edges, and around every penetration (any through slab plumbing).

I didn’t roll sealer on my basement floor, but if you don’t know whether there’s a plastic moisture barrier under it, then that can’t hurt.

Mark asks…

Attn Radon Experts: If I have a level of 26 in my basement, what do u think the level upstairs would be?

My house is a brick ranch on a full basement. The basement does not have a walk out garage. I have two sump pumps. One is sealed up, the other is more extensive and the 2 radon companies say thats probably where the radon is coming from. Do you think if I try to seal up the second sump pump that I might not have to spend the big bucks to get a radon mitigation system? Thanks!

rmahadevan answers:

I think it’s worth a try sealing the sump ……then you may consider testing it yourself the kits run between 12 & 30.00.
Right now your levels are seven times above the action level set by the EPA ….which in many areas ….”above the action level” is quote common.

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