William asks…

Where can i sell my Louis Vuitton purse?

I want to sell my louis vuitton handbag/purse but i looked on ebay and no ones buying the ones already up :/ where else can i sell it?
I feel like no one would pay that much on craigslist.
And im not sure what year it is.

rmahadevan answers:

I think online is a good way to sell bag ,if you want to buy a new purse ,you can choose these shop : http://www.buy-chanel-handbags.com/ and http://www.buybestchanel.com/they deal in many brands of purse ,i often buy chanel bag in these store ,i think you will like them!

Betty asks…

What other products does Vera Bradley have?

I know they make handbags & purses, but what else do they make? Like do they have watches, or school supplies , or home decor ? I’m just curious .

rmahadevan answers:

Why yes, yes they do, they have many stationary products, travel products (luggage, duffel, technology cases,etc.) and also have watches, ties, cuflinks, aprons, notebooks pens pencils anything really and lanyards their great :)

Laura asks…

Where can I buy the brand handbags from the internet?

Nice quality and low price.I will purchase handbag, wallet, purse and other fashion accessories. Please give me some tips of it or some information about the manufacturers that you know. Thanks a lot!

rmahadevan answers:

I think http://www.sosostore.com is a good place for high quality brand handbags.

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Thomas asks…

Someone is offering to trade in a watch for my computer? But what if its a fake?

I put my laptop up for sale on the internet for $120 and someone responded by saying they would trade in a Bulova 96g10 watch for it. But how do I know if its fake or not? Should I not accept this as a trade? I’m not planning on wearing the watch just reselling it so that I can get the money.

rmahadevan answers:

Ask them for the serial number and close up photos – take it to a reputable Bulova dealer and see if they can verify it.

John asks…

Which is better citizen or bulova?

I’m planning on buying a watch, but I don’t know which one to pick, the citizen watch is an eco-drive and bulova has a MOP dial, thanks!

rmahadevan answers:

Depends on the style and which you prefer. They are both good watches. Eco-drives are really cool. Bulova watches only come with a 1 year warranty, however the warranty is “buckle to buckle” (covers band, etc). Citizen watches carry a 5 year warranty on the movement only.

Personally, I prefer Citizen.

Carol asks…

May I please get help with some probability involving 1953 BULOVA?

My 1953 BULOVA (wrist watch) was last wound probably two weeks ago. Today I picked it back up and beleive it or not at 8:41am there was no need to set the time on my watch. whats the probablity of that happening. by that I mean with 1-12hours to guess from.

rmahadevan answers:


Convert 12 hours to minutes …

12 hours x 60 = 720 minutes

Now assuming am and pm do not matter, then the probability is simply …

1 / 720 = 0.00139

If you require a match to am/pm, then there are 24 hours or 60×24 = 1440 minutes and the answer would be …

1 / 1440 = 0.000694

hope that helps

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Helen asks…

What is the best paying job for a year time?

I will graduating soon with college loans. I will be taking a year break to work and prep for graduate school. What is a temp job (in San Fran) I can do that pays the most if I was only to work there for a year?

I’m not looking for a long term career. I was thinking working in the mall/mac/sephora unless being a waitress is more profitable (because of the tips). What should I do?

What are some resources I can use to find myself one?

rmahadevan answers:

In SF, two of the best resources for finding jobs are craigslist.org and Jobing.com. Good luck!

Mandy asks…

Are there any specific qualifications you need when applying for a job at Sephora or mac?

I am going to school for esthetics and need a job while attending school

rmahadevan answers:

You should look at the Sephora website and be somewhat familiar with the major labels, and what things they carry (perfumes, men/women, body, etc.). You need to look VERY neat (no wild hair, too many piercings or too much bling) and I would wear subdued colors (you are featuring the products in a store, not yourself). Fill out the application very neatly as well, which shows you in good favor. No gum chewing, too much makeup, and be sure to smile and be friendly but not too chatty. Have a 60-second “speech” about yourself (you are going to aesthetician school and want to have a career as a ___, etc.). Finally, consider what YOU can do for them, not the other way around.

David asks…

Im really interested in becoming a makeup artist, how would i go about this?

Im particularly interested in film, photography, and runway makeup. Im 16 and a sophmore in hs. how would i go about preparing to get into the industry?

rmahadevan answers:

I would find about cosmotology schools in your area, and even state and see what the requirements are (I believe in my state, you have to be 18 and a h.s. Graduate). If you find that you need a GED or High School diploma, you could get your GED at this age, and attend (just make sure they don’t have an age requirement). You could continue to take general classes at community college and get a diploma in business (might even help you with your makeup artist career; or you can do all your lower level credits for a business degree and once your finished 2 – 3 years, you can spend 2 years at a state school and get your bachelors) This way, you have something solid to fall back on and plus you WILL learn techniques on how to market and handle a business (I’m a business major, and I’ve heard a lot!). If your parents don’t let you get your GED now, you can always start practicing makeup at home (on your friends and class mates and relatives; and if your good, you could maybe do make up for prom or something, but I should warn you, learn about cleaning and sterilization as a makeup artist) and learn off youtube and other blogs, and once you finish h.s. You could have a client basis and learn the art professionally. And yes, working at MAC, Macys, Sephora, or Ulta can help you get clients. I know some artists at MAC who freelance…oh and some make up guru’s on youtube have gotten deals from big companies like Lancome, theres one youtube make up guru who got hired by Lancome to make videos about thier products because they saw she had a big fan base.

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Sharon asks…

How can I get access to current financials for Iowa CCI?

There is a storm brewing in the small NE Iowa town I live in regarding a hog confinement that is being built several miles outside of town. Initially a small group of citizens were voicing their concern, it has now escalated into a mysterious fire at the home of the brother of the owner, some verbal confrontations, etc. A billboard went up overnight, and Iowa CCI’s name is on the sign. I have found only limited financial info on this group, have sent them requests for the info (none of which were acknowledged or answered), and have asked some of the people involved in the fiasco. I am still left with dated info, and would appreciate any assistance. Thanks!

rmahadevan answers:

You could search the IRS 990 filings for Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement:http://atgdata.fdncenter.org/990search/search.php

Here is the 2004 filing, which is most recent:

Nancy asks…

What is wrong with Citizens United? What’s wrong with letting private citizens voice their political opinions?

Before this ruling it was actually illegal for private citizens, to create a broadcast, cable, or satellite communication that mentioned a candidate within 60 days of a general election or 30 days of a primary.

Why do people who oppose this ruling hate Free Speech and the First Amendment?

rmahadevan answers:

Justice Breyer: Montana Case Shows Citizens United Was Wrong

Montana’s law had been upheld by the state Supreme Court after being challenged by a conservative group, American Tradition Partnership. But in a 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court summarily reversed the lower court’s decision and invalidated the longstanding legislation.

The court determined in Citizens United that “independent expenditures, including those made by corporations, do not give rise to corruption or the appearance of corruption.” Montana’s attorney general claimed that the 1912 Corrupt Practices Act should stand as proof that the court’s argument had already been proven wrong over 100 years earlier, when the state’s mining billionaires blatantly bought off state legislators to further their interests. Most notoriously, copper king William Clark was appointed to the Senate by the state legislature, only to have his seating blocked by the Senate in Washington, D.C. Over widespread evidence of bribery.

“Even if I were to accept Citizens United, this Court’s legal conclusion should not bar the Montana Su­preme Court’s finding, made on the record before it, that independent expenditures by corporations did in fact lead to corruption or the appearance of corruption in Montana,” Breyer wrote. “Given the history and political landscape in Montana, that court concluded that the State had a compelling interest in limiting independent expenditures by corporations.”

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), who joined with Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) in backing Montana’s anti-corruption law, said the ruling should spur Congress to pass the DISCLOSE Act, which would require greater transparency for big money donors. It was filibustered by Republicans in the Senate in 2010.

Why would Republicans want to filibuster something that supports transparency? It all smells of buying government without a trace.

Susan asks…

Will the governments of powerful countries be able to close down the internet in the near future?

It seems like governments all over the world don’t like the internet, because it has become a platform for citizens to voice their opinion, organize people’s movements and express their dissent. Governments have tried to pass laws like SOPA, PIPA, CISPA and ACTA.
But will they be able to close the internet completely in the near future, whether in one sudden step or in many small sly steps?

rmahadevan answers:

No. Physically, they could “pull the plug,” as it were. But our economy — that of every major country (even China) — is fully integrated with the Internet. An attempt to shut it down would lead to immediate and massive economic chaos and collapse. Followed by the collapse of the regimes responsible. For better or worse, the world has changed and there is no going back.

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Robert asks…

Somebody hacked my email what do I do?

I don’t know if this means they hacked my email or my computer but I’ve been receiving emails from myself about rolex replica watches that I obviously didn’t sent to myself so there is no telling who else is receiving them with my name attached.

rmahadevan answers:

Your mail wasn’t hacked, the “rolex replica watches” sender is a known spammer! It is annoying, but meanwhile Spammers know how to make it look like you are the one who is sending such mails. Got some of them myself, but since I know that I don’t send myself any junk mail, I just delete them. As far as I know, there is no other way yet to deal with such crap.

Susan asks…

how do you tell a real rolex from a replica?

I just saw a replica rolex on line that looks alot like the one I want to buy from a friend. It only showed the front of the watch though. Is there a way to tell the difference without having to go to a jeweler?

rmahadevan answers:


try reading this

Mary asks…

Where can I find a quality Replica Rolex?

What web-site can I find a good quality replica rolex. Swiss made, real looking and not a scam site?

rmahadevan answers:

Hi, There is a realistic approach to getting a replica watch. One it is a replica. It will look, feel, weight like a Rolex but you get what you pay for! My average price for a replica with shipping is $185.00. They run well and will give you good value for your money. But if your looking for precision timing offer upgrade Swiss models for $399.00
Take a look at www.firsttimemachine.com happy shopping.

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Carol asks…

What brand of watches is better Tissot or Belova?

I’m getting one as a gift and they are asking me which one of those to pick…

rmahadevan answers:

I bought a belova for my BF and he loves it!! Hasn’t had any probs with it!! I’m not sure about Tissot! But I’m sold on Belova!! Good Luck!

Donald asks…

Is it a real Tissot watch?

Do all Tissot watches have a ‘T’ on the winding button?

I have bought one from e-bay which stated it was genuine but it has no T on the crown and i am dubious…

What do you guys think???

rmahadevan answers:

I’ve been selling Tissot watches for about 17 years now.

Not ALL Tissots have the ‘T’ on the crown, but more relevant is that it’s usually the higher end of the watch market that gets copied, ie. Rolex, Franck Muller, Breitling, etc. Because these watches are admired so much and therefore so much higher in price, the opportunity to get one on the cheap is considerably tempting. Counterfeiters know they can sell a fake Daytona, or Navitimer, whereas Tissot wouldn’t necessarily have the same pulling power.

However, if you are really concerned, I would take it into a Tissot dealer and ask them.

Thomas asks…

Please suggest a good wrist watch brand in india for men, Urgent!!?

i am planning for buy a new wrist watch for myself. my budget is around rs. 5000/-.
please suggest a good brand that is trendy & will last longer without giving me any trouble.
like- titan, casio, timex, tissot, fossil, tommy hilfiger etc.
please suggest among them.
any reply will be highly appreciated. thanks in advance.

rmahadevan answers:

A lot of cops in the USA wear a Casio G Shock watch because they are very durable and long lasting.

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Michael asks…

Naomi Judd was born on January 11th of what year?

What Italian design house cooked up the “baguette” pocketbook, named for its similarities to a loaf of French bread? What method of natural childbirth was named after a French doc who taught future moms to prepare physically and psychologically for pain? Angel Cabrera won the U.S. Open; Tiger Woods tied Jim Furyk for second. Who placed fourth?

What traditional rival did New York beat 4-1 in Yankee Stadium’s first baseball game? Where is the smallest jail in North America? Celine Dion first met her future husband René Angelil when she was how old?Each day you’ll find a question in our Survey section called ‘Survey Says’. Previously we asked 100 people (actually we asked everyone) “Name a place where the employees always seem rude.” Can you guess the number one answer given? Survey says…
Name something people put in water.

rmahadevan answers:

Country – 1946
Fun – Fendi
Really Tough – Lamaze
Sports – Niclas Fasth of Sweden
Sports Trivia – Red Sox
Super Tough – Rodney Ontario
Survey Says – DMV
Trivia Bytes – 12
Name something people put in water. – ICE

Betty asks…

Do you like this handbag?

I really like it and think this bag is really cute but my friend thinks it looks childish and stupid -.-

What do you think? Does this look to immature for a 17 year old?


Best Answer 10pts thanks
Oh i’m so sorry this bag is not for me I made a typo with the age this is for my 10 year old sister her birthday is next month but shes going through her little phases where she wants to be more mature so sorry not for me my sister

rmahadevan answers:

I do not like it at all. I think there are cuter, cheaper sequined bags out there. But buy whatever YOU like.

Charles asks…

What Italian design house cooked up the “baguette pocketbook, named for its similarities to a loaf of French

rmahadevan answers:

Fendi worked for radio trivia

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Mark asks…

I am hoping to buy 2 rado watches – how much cheaper are they to buy in dubai rather than london?

i want to get an anniversary gift and looking at getting 2 rado watches. Is it better to get then from dubai?

rmahadevan answers:

In the main shops selling Tag, Rolex, Breitling, Rado etc you wont be able to bargin. They generally only take a discount off the ticket price and they wont budge much further after that. By all means try but I doubt you would get more than AED100 off after they have given the initial discount.
Paying cash rather than credit card you might be able to get a small discount in lieu of the commission the store would have to pay Visa or especially Amex but otherwise prices for genuine watches from the agency (like Ahmed Siddiqui) will be fixed.

I would recommend Ahmed Seddiqui and Sons, they are in all of the major malls.

The price also will depend on the model of the watch. Buying an older model the discount might be a bit higher. Check out the prices of the Rado models you would like to buy and at least deduct the UK tax.

In case you want to purchase expensive models, please check the UK custom rules. If getting tight, wear the watch and mail the box by fedex to the UK.

Take care.

Mandy asks…

For how much should I sell my Rado Starliner 500 wrist watch?

I have a Rado Starliner 500 and it’s still shining. For how much should I sell it here in Pakistan? It’s silver in colour.

rmahadevan answers:

Hmm it totally depends on what condition it is in.. If it isnt bad then dont go too much lesser than the original price.. Try Ebay.. Goodluck .

Thomas asks…

where can i get an original rado diastar watch?

Hi I am interested in buying a Rado Diastar watch but not sure where to buy it from. I live in the UK. I have found some on the internet such as timepiece watches but not sure if they are the original watches or not. Can someone pls suggest where I can get one from? many thanks

rmahadevan answers:

You’ve asked in the wrong area but these are a reputable company if you are in the UK.

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Thomas asks…

I have a budget of $700 to spend. What is the most prestigious watch brand I will be able to afford?

I am not a fan of Tag Heuer, but love the style of the Omega Seamaster series, but that seems to be well out of my budget. Any help and suggestions would be most appreciated.

rmahadevan answers:

Movado or Rado or Seiko… Good luck!

Michael asks…

Where can I get my Omega repaired in San Francisco?

I have an Omega Seamaster Professional that no longer winds automatically and would like to have it repaired in San Francisco or somewhere on the Peninsula.

rmahadevan answers:

Hiya J,

The Omega SM is a fine piece, and so I give you equally fine information. I still have my first watch which is a ’69 Heuer, the first automatic with a microrotor.

I know of two shops in the City that will be able to get the automatic working in one visit. On is downtown a Swiss only shop and the other is on the west side, a family run shop of the highest quality.

United Watch Services
210 Post Street, Suite 613
San Francisco

West Portal:
Andy Jewelers
348 West Portal Avenue
San Francisco

United is in a building with many other watchmakers and jewelers; one calls themselves “Omega Service Center”. Omega has one service location in California and it is on Rodeo in Beverly Hills. Just thought I would pass that on in case you get steered in that direction. They are known for poor service and a lackluster attitude.

I like Andy, its small, personal and they care about what they do.

Make some calls, I am sure one of them will help you out.


John asks…

What to look for on a real Omega Seamaster watch from 1958?

Besides the obvious “Omega Seamaster“…

rmahadevan answers:

I once buy original Rolex,Omega,and other brand watches from http://www.buy-cheap-rolex-watches.com/ and http://www.cheaprolexshop.com/ i found they have different style of Omega watches.Hope get what you’re looking for.

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Linda asks…

How do i apply perfume so its noticable but not overpowering?

You know when someone walks by and you can lightly smell her perfume?
I want that! And I want people to be able to notice the perfume but I DON’T want it to be sickly overdone and gaggy

I have vera wang princess perfume and daisy by marc jacobs
Where should I spray it, how much, etc

Thanks! 10 pts! Xx

rmahadevan answers:

Ooh those are really nice perfumes! And basically what i do is spray 1-3 spritzes in front of me. And then run back and forth through the mist (closing your eyes and mouth, of course!)

Lizzie asks…

What kind of perfume should I buy my mom?

For mother’s day I wanna buy perfume for my mom but I don’t want to directly tell her which she wants. Her favorite perfumes are Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel, Lola by Marc Jacobs, and Summer Romance by Ralph Lauren, any ideas?

rmahadevan answers:

Go to this site!!They have a test that shows you EXACTLY what perfume suits you or someone else.You have to like it on Facebook but whatever.I used it and I got the perfect scent :)

Richard asks…

Does anyone know a perfume that has a similar smell to Deseo?

By Jennifer Lopez.

The original Deseo is very expensive for me, $62.00. And although I know that’s pretty standard for perfume, I have often found cheaper perfumes that cost less and smell similar.

Also, one maybe for Daisy by Marc Jacobs.

Thank you.

rmahadevan answers:

Oscar de la Renta Spray Fragrance For Her

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Ken asks…

How did Fashion in the 1950’s help shape history?

rmahadevan answers:

Are you referring to social changes?

The links below may help you with your question:




And the following came from Wikipedia:
Flying in the face of continuity, logic, and sociological predictions, fashion in the 1950s, far from being revolutionary and progressive, bore strong nostalgic echoes of the past.
A whole society which, in the 1920s and ’30s, had greatly believed in progress, was now much more circumspect.
Despite the fact that women had the right to vote, to work, and to drive their own cars, they chose to wear dresses made of opulent materials, with corseted waists and swirling skirts to mid-calf.
As fashion looked to the past, haute couture experienced something of a revival and spawned a myriad of star designers who profited hugely from the rapid growth of the media. Throughout the 1950s, although it would be for the last time, women around the world continued to submit to the trends of Parisian haute couture.
Three of the most prominent of the Parisian couturiers of the time were Cristobal Balenciaga, Hubert de Givenchy, and Pierre Balmain. Also notable is the return of Coco Chanel (who detested the New Look) to the fashion world. After the war, the American look (which consisted of broad shoulders, floral ties, straight-legged pants, and shirts with long pointed collars, often worn hanging out rather than tucked in) became very popular among men in Europe.
The designers of Hollywood created a particular type of glamour for the stars of American film, and outfits worn by the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall, or Grace Kelly were widely copied. By the end of the decade mass-manufactured, off-the-peg clothing had become much more popular than in the past, granting the general public unprecedented access to fashionable styles.

Laura asks…

where can i get a list of designer labels?

i need a list of designer labels to use in the charity shop so they dont under price stuff too much for example a burbery shirt was sold for £1.

rmahadevan answers:

Christian dior
louis vuitton
miu miu
vera wang
vivenne westwood
calvin klein
dolce & gabbana
marc jacobs
stella mccartney
jimmy choo
ralph lauren
st. John
bottega veneta
yves saint laurent
jil sander
paul smith
max mara
donna karen
hugo boss
manolo blahnik
salvatore ferragamo
roberto cavalli
gianfranco ferre
tommy hilfiger
oscar de la renta
jean paul gaultier
alessandro dell’acqua
alberta ferretti
nicole farhi
kurt geiger
karl lagerfeld
pringle of scotland
massimo dutti
malene birger
sergio rossi

thats all i can come up with right now. I hope this helps you.

Carol asks…

What are some long lasting men’s fragrance?

I’m looking for a cologne that will hold the entire day dont matter if its overpowering. I heard Pleasures by estee lauder was a good one. Please recommend some very good long lasting colognes.

rmahadevan answers:

Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent is about the longest lasting I know, but it is not for everyone (it is really powerful). I had a shirt go through the wash and the clothes drier and still smell of it.

Quorum by Antonio Puig is another long lasting one. It is very “sharp” and is a pine/woody/soapy fragrance. It can be ought really cheaply ($15 for 3.4oz).

Yatagan by Caron is similar to Quorum, but richer. It is very woody, but more expensive than Quorum.

B*Men by Thierry Mugler lasts a long time too. It is a sweeter fragrance that has a caramelly/licorice/fruit scent to it.

Gentleman by Givenchy is a super-strong woody fragrance. It has patchouli as well.

Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene is a nice strong woody/floral for men. Lasts a long time and smells of violets. It can be bought fairly cheaply and comes in a 4 0z bottle.

On the other hand I am yet to find a Calvin Klein cologne that lasts a reasonable amount of time: the longest lasting fragrances tend to be the ones which came out first in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Many of the modern fragrances are ‘top note” heavy – which means they have a lot of very strong/short-lived elements which smell amazing at first but which fade very rapidly.


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