Sandra asks…

Hermes berkin price in france?

For size 30 and 35..pls help!

rmahadevan answers:

Above 5000€, depending on the leather, cadenas and details you choose.

There’s a long waiting list, as you know, Hermès handbags are handmade by the same person from A to Z.

I don’t know if it’s better to buy the Birkin in France or not, lots of people from around the world order them by fax at the headquarters of Hermès in Paris, we think that it’s just for the symbol of getting it from the Faubourg Saint Honoré, not to save money.

You can send a fax to Hermès in Paris, telling them that you’d like to buy a Birkin and need to know the delay and price but to do so, you first need to know what you’re looking exactly for, as the price multiplies by ten (or more) depending on the kind of leather and details.

If you plan to buy a Birkin on eBay, purchase only if you can have the original invoice, otherwise, you risk to buy a handbag that has been stolen and you may get into trouble. Each handbag has a number and Hermès knows who bought it.

Sharon asks…

most expensive purse you’ve ever bought?

i was just thinking because i saw on ebay a hermes bag for $80,000. who would spend that much on a purse?

the most expensive purse i’ve ever had was a $200 Juicy daydreamer that I got on ebay for $120

rmahadevan answers:

It was probably a Hermes Birkin bag. They can run to A LOT of money because they are handmade (sometimes up to six-digit prices). They are named after Jane Birkin. They are extremely hard to get your hands on one. I have a lower end one, not nearly as expensive but not exactly cheap. That’s probably the most expensive handbag I’ve ever bought. Amazing quality.

James asks…

do you think Hermes is worth it?

I seriously love fashion, more than most things… huge fashion lover…

but the price of Hermes, do you think it’s really worth it? A purse for a few thousand dollars seems reasonable to me (not that I can afford those either)… but this bag is $32,500.00!|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1308|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50#ebayphotohosting

It’s handmade crocodile.

Do you think the price is mainly for the status? Or is it only expected that there would be clothing brands that would only cater to the blindingly-rich?

(Because I don’t know about you, but despite my love of fashion, I see endless potential with thirty two grand… that doesn’t involve a purse!)
i did the calculations, and if a person keeps it for fifty years (let’s say she bought it at thirty and stops wearing it at eighty), that’s about $54.00 every month for five years!

…just saying :P
*oops! i meant to say $54 every month for fifty years

rmahadevan answers:

I think they are sooo worth it!! One of my dreams is to own one, wish I was Victoria Beckham sometimes(with hair, though:))!! It’s worth the save, Martha Stewart has had her same one for 20 plus years!! Good craftsmanship is great to save for, I wonder if they’re less expensive in Paris?

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Mary asks…

Peoples: What are some good watch brands…?

I wanna look for a new watch. What are some good brands that have watches around $250?
I’m not gonna wear a fucking rolex around my high school.

rmahadevan answers:

Dad has been wearing since 20 years now. So classy!! But I dont know how much did that cost.

Ruth asks…

Beautifil Longines Watch for sale?

a unwanted gift worn once and perfect condition no scratches’s and in box going cheap HURRY!

rmahadevan answers:

Sorry, that’s not cheap at all! Minimum bid of £295 and you have a “non-specified” return policy.

So if it is a fake (and I’m not saying it is) there’s pretty much nothing that can be done about it!

You’d probably get a better price at a second hand jewellers/pawn shop (provided you have evidence that it’s genuine)

Thomas asks…

how to spot a fake longines?

rmahadevan answers:

What do you mean? I dont really understand ur question…… If your taking about spotting a fake… Its pretty obvious… Sry

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John asks…

What do you think of this watch?

This is my next big purchase in the fashion dept. Its the Tag Heuer Monaco chrono. The blue band is killer.$detail475$

rmahadevan answers:

Very nice! But i think every guy should have 3 watches – one with interchangeable cloth bands. One metal and one leather. Tag one of the best brands – rolex is over rated

Laura asks…

Planning to buy an expensive watch from New York or New Jersey. What are my best retailer options? Please help?

Hi, I’m planning to spend a hefty sum of my savings in December this year, to purchase the Tag Heuer Monaco LS watch. I’ve looked it up online, and there are a few authentic retailers selling it on websites. The List price for the watch is $6500, and it is being sold for $4300 on a couple of genuine watch retail websites.

However, if i want to purchase it from a retailer in new york itself, would they be able to bring down the list price of $6500 to the discounted rate of $4300? I’ll ask for it of course, and it is substantial, but would any good Tag retailer be willing to sell the watch at the discounted rate, as seen on the websites?

Thanks, I’m a little anxious since I would be spending such a big amount in one go. Please do offer your views on the matter.

rmahadevan answers:

Tourneau is probably your best bet.

Ruth asks…

Which Tag Heuer is the thinnest?

I am a male, I don’t mind what the price is but I much prefer thinner watches.

rmahadevan answers:

I’ve got one of these, don’t know if it is thin enough for you

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James asks…

does anyone know of any affordable online wholesale store?

can anyone help me find a reliable and affordable online wholesale store? handbags wholesale in particular.

rmahadevan answers:

JC Wholesale It’s the best:

Robert asks…

Where can i find wholesale handbags in L.A not the ones in the alley but the distributors who provide the merc?

Where can i find wholesale handbags in L.A not the ones in the alley but the distributors who provide the merchandise for the alley people?

rmahadevan answers: 323 235 0005

Ken asks…

How can I order handbags for cheap and at wholesale??? OR where?

I was thinking about getting into the whole handbag thing and was wondering if anyone knew where I can buy handbags for wholesale for like sets.. Like a set of 12 handbags for($159) give or take.. It doesn’t have to be replica becuz I don’t want to do that anyway, just real “cute” bags that could sell and make me some money in turn.. Any help would be appericated!!! Thanks in advance

rmahadevan answers:

In researching an answer to your question, I found a Wholesale Company that can give you access to over 200,000 products. You can check to see what handbags they have.

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Ruth asks…

What do you miss that they don’t make anymore?

I miss “Scooter pies”, Soda in glass bottles, Crown BBQ beef in a tub! Yum!

rmahadevan answers:

I once had two large GE plug in and battery clock radio with two different wake-up alarms (each one of the alarms had one that buzzed and let you sleep fifteen minutes more and one that played music to wake you up) that was a cassette recorder/player combination which I believe has gone out of stock forever, used to get them at Best Buy, cost was about $35.

I also used to have a small cassette recorder/player and radio combination that I used to have under my pillow and it had a hook to the ear. The last time I went looking for them I was told all the stores carry now are the cd players (and you can’t record on them, and they no longer have the old style hook for the ear). I finally managed to find a larger version of the cassette recorder/player but it doesn’t fit under the pillow (and it’s not a clock version, although it “is” battery and plug in).
….I still have a lot of cassettes, especially a sleep tape that I like to play.
– – – – – – – –
I heard the Duracell “ultra” batteries are no longer…they used to have lots of power and last a lot longer than the batteries I buy now made by Duracell
– – – – – – – –

the “nothing” blouse. It was a simple non-wrinkle, non-see-thru cotton blouse with a jewel neckline, no-button long tapered sleeves and a zipper down the back, and you wore it under suit jackets and with jeans, actually it went with anything. It was a wardrobe staple and it came in every color imaginable but white was the most popular.

– – – – – – – –

where I live now, I haven’t been able to find dark colored knee socks anywhere for many years now…where are they hiding?
Are they still around?
– – – – – – – –

fancy, expensive and barely affordable, elegant, “wind-up”, conservative looking female’s time pieces with a clip band. Most ladies I’ve seen don’t wear these watches anymore because of safety and theft concerns. Gifts to me were Bulova and Longein Witnauer watches (which are long since gone).

– – – – – – – -

Lizzie asks…

Is a birthday more special than this “Fortunata, Elke Summers, and Hyaluronic Acid” poem?

Twas the day before my birthday,
and all through the house<<<<read that as the place I work
a storm was a'brewin….<<<>>>
was to be a louse.<<<<"lice" didn't fit ryhme scheme, or any scheme

Ten thirty that mawnin,<<<<clock tick of a tocked touchpad time
and clouds couldn't decide<<<<clouds "think" here, in my poetic world
on white fluffy, grey tint,<<<<get out of my way type
or "you asked for it" strip hide.<<<>>>so….hee hee!

Now, thinking back on my<<<<I do be thinkin too
one hundred twenty-five
yeahs, seems far too many
bluesy, pristine skies…….<<<<GNATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so let the heavens roar!<<<<and the Saints, Weather Channel, and Bulova
Let them hurricane my
one hundred twenty-sixth<<<<WHO the hell is countin????
yeah in… in dat style

that Southerners know<<<<drinkin, of course, a case
and live to tell<<<<lie about
"Mama Mia, here we go again,
Ma Ma, just be en guarde,

you younguns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Uh, Shogun style.

rmahadevan answers:

Elke Summers was a good woman.


Joseph asks…

The First t.v. show?

What was the first t.v. show ever made?

rmahadevan answers:

I’d say that the first ever TV show series (The Queen’s Messenger wasn’t really a series) was Kraft Television Theatre. There were a lot of first broadcasts before that, but this was the first real TV series ever broadcast. All the information is below from a paper I wrote a few years back. I don’t remember the source, but it’s all accurate.

Aug. 22, 1928. WGY simulcasts on radio and TV (WGY, 2XAF and 2XAD) Al Smith accepting the Democratic presidential nomination. This was the first over-the-air remote pickup and the first TV news event.

Sept. 11, 1928. First play broadcast by television, “The Queen’s Messenger,” on W2XAD. (Sound was also broadcast over WGY radio.) Video was on 21.4 meters; sound was on 31.96 meters. The event was reported on page 1 of the New York Times the next day. (During 1928, Ernest Frederik Werner Alexanderson of General Electric transmitted daily TV tests over W2XAD.)

1929. Milton Berle appears in an experimental TV broadcast. Film of the appearance survives.

May 11, 1929. The “first regularly scheduled TV broadcasts” begin (one source), three nights per week.
July 21, 1931. W2XAB New York (CBS) begins broadcasting the first regular seven-day-per-week TV broadcasting schedule in the U. S., 28 hours per week with live pickups and a wide variety of programs. The first broadcast included Mayor James J. Walker, Kate Smith, and George Gershwin.

May 31, 1938. W2XBS telecasts the movie The Return of the Scarlet Pimpernel, starring Leslie Howard; the staff projectionist played the last reel out of order, ending the film 20 minutes early. After this incident, NBC could not obtain first-run movies for many years.

Apr. 30, 1939. President Roosevelt is the first President to appear on television, from the New York World’s Fair on W2XBS, now transmitting on 45.25 MHz visual and 49.75 MHz aural.

June 1, 1939. First heavyweight boxing match televised, Max Baer vs Lou Nova, form Yankee Stadium

July 1, 1941 W2XBS New York NY becomes a commercial station, changes call to WNBT (later calls WRCA-TV, WNBC-TV). At 1:29 p.m., General Mills sponsors a Brooklyn Dodgers-Philadelphia Phillies game, followed by the “Sunoco Newscast” with Lowell Thomas. At 9:15 p.m., “Uncle Jims Question Bee,” hosted by Bill Slater and sponsored by Spry, made its one-and-only appearance and, at 9:30, Ralph Edwards hosted “Truth Or Consequences,” simulcast on radio and TV and sponsored by Ivory Soap. This was the first game show broadcast on TV. The world’s first (legal) TV commercial for Bulova watches occurs at 2:29:10 superimposed over a test pattern. According to a 2004 article in Newsday: “On July 1, 1941, the world’s first television commercial aired on NBC, at that time known as WNBT-TV. The 10-second advertisement for Bulova clocks and watches consisted of the image of a clock and a map of the United States, with a voice-over that announced, ‘America runs on Bulova time.’ The ad was broadcast before a game between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Philadelphia Phillies and cost the Woodside-based company less than ten dollars.” [According to microfiche records at the FCC, WNBT was granted a C.P. On 6/17/41 for Channel 1 (50-56 mhz.), effective 7/1/41. License to cover the C.P. Granted 6/17/41, eff. 7/1/41. First operation was granted to be effective 7/1/41. The first listed call letters were WNBT. They changed to WRCA on 10/18/54 and to WNBC on 5/22/60.]

May 7, 1947. Kraft Television Theater premieres on NBC, the first regularly scheduled drama series on a network

Dec. 27, 1947. Puppet Television Theater (later called Howdy Doody Time), debuts on NBC TV with Buffalo Bob Smith. It was carried by six stations.

June 8, 1948. Milton Berle Show premieres on NBC.

I didn’t list EVERYTHING that came before the Milton Berle Show, but I just wanted to show that it wasn’t this show that was the first.

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Helen asks…

How can you tell if a lip gloss has been used?

I recently purchased a philosophy lip gloss from sephora, one of the ones that’s near the front when you buy all your stuff. it wasn’t packaged and the top is sticky when you open it up. has it been used? how can you tell?

rmahadevan answers:

Usually when you buy one that is sticky or smooshed when you open it,it has been used.

It’s not a really big problem.You could just swipe it down with alcohol and use it and be fine.

But,since you paid full price and ended up with used merchandise,I recommend you call the store’s customer service hotline,and explain your situation.The company/store might be nice enough to send you some coupons to save money off your next purchase.

George asks…

Have you ever tried expensive makeup and then get hooked on it?

I received samples of some upscale creams, foundation, and eyeshadows from Sephora and just loved how great they made me look. Now I can’t go back to the drug store brands I used to use because they seem so inferior. But I cant afford to continue to use the expensive stuff. Any suggestions?

rmahadevan answers:

Buy stuff after christmas sales etc, go to Ulta..they got the same great stuff but sometimes they go on sale and have coupon…B1G1F type thing. It will still cost you but it could cause you less.
My addiction: Smashbox make up, Lancome moisturizer, Bobbi Brown Liner and liner brush….they are so good.
Also give you free sample everytime you buy…look for free samples or gift with purchase…you get more for less.

Mary asks…

What websites have good PRINTABLE coupons?

I’m going school shopping tomorrow! I don’t have a lot of money though and my mom isn’t too hyped about spending a bunch either. Anyways, I’m looking for free printable coupons online for stores like Abercrombie, Forever 21, Hollister, Wet Seal..stuff like that. Also if theres any coupons for sephora or drugstore beauty products that’s be AMAZINGGG! Thanks guys.

rmahadevan answers:


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Charles asks…

Can my fiance claim me during income tax?

My fiance and I live together in Texas. We have been living together for more than a year now. We have a joint bank account. We have NO children together, but he has three from a seperate marriage that he isn’t allowed to claim. I worked a little this year because I’m in school. I made about 500 on my W2.

Would he be able to claim me, since he took care of our finances? If he is able to claim me, would it hurt how much he got back? Or would he get back more?
Oh! I have another question!

He was supposed to get 600 last time from the stimulus. He only got 300. Would he get the rest of it this time? Or will he get what he didn’t get last time PLUS this new stimulus??

rmahadevan answers:

You can claim an unrelated person as your dependent under the Qualifying Relative rule (yes, I know, it sounds wrong but it isn’t) if ALL of the following conditions are met:

1. He or She is a US citizen or resident.

2. He or She did not file a joint return with another taxpayer.

3. He or She is not the Qualifying Child of another taxpayer.

4. He or She lived in your home ALL year.

5. You provided more than 50% of his or her entire support for the entire year.

6. He or She had less than the personal exemption amount ($3,500 for 2008) in gross income, excluding non-taxable Social Security benefits.

7. Your relationship is not illegal under local law, even if such law is unenforced. These are the states where it violates local law: Florida, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, Virginia, and West Virginia. There are local ordinances against cohabitation in many other states though, so check your local laws first.

For further information see IRS Pub 501. Here’s a link:

As to the stimulus rebate, if he only got $300 that’s all that he was entitled to. If he’s entitled to more based upon his 2008 tax return he’ll pick that up on the Recovery Rebate Credit line on his tax return. He would not get anything for claiming you as a dependent though as that’s limited to children under age 17 as of Dec 31, 2007.

Carol asks…

When illegal immigrants get amnesty what will you do with your life?

So many people enjoy getting on here and bashing illegals all day. When we become legal, what will you do?
Keep complaining?
Find a new category to go to?

rmahadevan answers:

This is what I would do:

You need to open your eyes, Bush already said “No Amnesty”.

Here is the listing for just some of the things I.C.E. Has been up to this month, enjoy!

Washington, DC
Former DOD Contractor Sentenced In Case Involving Bribery, Fraud and Money Laundering Scheme in Al-Hillalah, Iraq

Buffalo, NY
ICE agents arrest man selling fraudulent resident alien cards

Boston, MA
Four people charged in marijuana case

Seattle, WA
ICE deports Saudi Arabian citizen with ties to Al Qaida

El Paso, TX
ICE special agents arrest 5 members of alleged alien smuggling conspiracy

Phoenix, AZ
Member of notorious Franco human smuggling organization receives life sentence for role in violent hostage-taking incident

Chicago, IL
ICE arrests 11 illegal aliens working at cleaning service

Boston, MA
Brazilian sentenced for bribery and harboring of illegal aliens

New Haven, CT
Mexican national formerly residing in Stamford pleads guilty to illegal reentry

Springfield, MO
Mexican national sentenced to 14 years for illegal reentry, selling illegal drugs

Los Angeles, LA
Week-long ICE operation targeting criminal aliens and illegal alien fugitives in the Southland nets record arrests

Newark, NJ
Department of Homeland Security returns rare artifacts to the Pakistani government

Charlotte, NC
ICE begins immigration cross-training for Gaston and Alamance deputies today.

Newark, NJ
Indian national sentenced on immigration fraud charges; ordered to forfeit over $5.7 million and luxury cars

Grand Rapids, MI
Michigan couple arrested for human trafficking, aggravated sexual abuse

Tacoma, WA
Multi-state bank fraud scheme sends Korean national to prison

Cheyenne, WY
3 men from Mexico plead guilty to sex trafficking a 13-year-old girl

Seattle, WA
Canadian cocaine trafficker who concealed drugs in fuel tank convicted

Houston, TX
ICE comments on Tyrone Williams’ sentence of life imprisonment

Washington, DC
Illegal aliens arrested in connection with work at U.S. Military installations

Oakdale, LA
ICE deports 93 criminal and non-criminal aliens from five-state area

Boston, MA
ICE arrests 12 criminal aliens in Operation Avalanche II

Alexandria, VA
Arrests Made in Illegal Alien Harboring Conspiracy Connected to Work at Quantico Marine Base

Detroit, MI
Indonesian businessman pleads guilty to arms trafficking

Hot Springs, AR
Owners of Japanese steakhouse plead guilty to harboring illegal aliens

Grand Rapids, MI
ICE apprehends 133 criminal aliens, fugitives and other immigration violators in western Michigan interior enforcement operation

Tacoma, OR
Convicted felon with ties to Al Qaeda training camp ordered deported

Charlotte, NC
ICE arrests 60 illegal aliens during Operation Secure Streets 2007

Cincinnati, OH
Fairfield restaurant owner pleads guilty to employing, housing illegal aliens

Washington, DC
Counterfeit goods seizures up 83% in FY 2006

Memphis, TN
Brothel operator pleads guilty to trafficking juvenile girl for prostitution

Newark, NJ
Homeland Security and Agriculture intercept 1 million pounds of illegally imported food

Amarillo, TX
53 former employees at Swift & Company meat processing plant in Cactus, Texas, charged in federal indictments

Chicago, IL
ICE arrests 10 illegal aliens working at Chicago restaurant

Tucson, AZ
Arivaca man sentenced to 20 years for trafficking nearly two tons of marijuana while armed with a sawed-off shotgun

Mayaguez, PR
Woman arrested after trying to smuggle 16-year-old into the United States

Tacoma, WA
Vancouver man sentenced for role in sham marriage and visa fraud ring

Detroit, MI
ICE deports former Cleveland imam who lied to gain U.S. Citizenship

Washington, DC
ICE Removes Israeli Citizen Convicted for Export Violations

Report suspicious activity:
1-866-DHS-2ICE (1-866-347-2423)

I.C.E. Will be coming to a city near you. Now do you believe me?

Sandy asks…

Can I get a home equity loan on a property I own in Canada, if I’m an American citizen?

I own, (thru an inheritance) a cottage/home in Ontario,Canada.
Where can I go to get a home equity loan on it?
I own the property out right and only pay yearly taxes on it.
Althought the property is in good shape,I would like to do some improvements on this property so I can rent it out year round.
Any Ideas or suggestions?
I’m an American citizen – Michigan and this is an Ontario, Canada ( 5 streets from Lake Huron on Ipperwash Beach) Property.

rmahadevan answers:

It depends on what lending company you want to use. Some banks have branches in other countries you will have to shop around for the best interest rates… Call your bank first see what they say.

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Richard asks…

Is it actually illegal to own one of these “Counterfeit Watches” or does nobody bother?I am writing in the UK?

I am thinking of buying a Rolex datejust.Is it illegal?

rmahadevan answers:

Don’t know about the UK, but it’s not illegal in the US. Countefeit products are often sold in stores because the store didn’t know they were counterfeit. Of course, when it’s found out, the store usually loses the merchandise through confiscation, but that’s so they can’t sell any more of them. It’s still legal for people who’ve bought them to keep them. (They can’t re-sell them, though, knowing that they’re counterfeit.)

Ruth asks…

How do I make a metal link watch fit if my wrist is too small?

I recently bought a Rolex Oyster Datejust watch. They took out all of the adjustable links but it still isn’t small enough for my wrist (I have a very small wrist). What can I do to make it fit?

rmahadevan answers:

Take it to the watch service centre of a jewellery store or department store. Removing links usually requires specialized precision instruments that would not be found around the home. It apparently requires a lot of skill to remove the links the right way. If the watch service centre says it is not possible to remove any more links, consider buying another watch band. The bands are usually a lot cheaper than the watches themselves. You can try on the bands before purchasing the watch.

Linda asks…

How do I find the resale value of a Rolex?

It is a Rolex Oyester perpetual datejust watch in 18K gold, has been worn once and sits in a box the rest of the time. I would like to sell it on Ebay possible, or one of these Rolex-buyer jewlery stores, but would like to know what price I should ask for it. Any help is appreciated

rmahadevan answers:

Your best bet is to have your Datejust appraised and authenticated by a Rolex authorized dealer.

The appraisal will give you a ball park figure for your asking price when you sell your Rolex. Even if you have the original paperwork, having the time piece authenticated will also assist in the sale, unless you happen to still have the bill of sale (preferably from an authorized dealer,) in your possession that you can furnish if requested.

Also be sure to indicate the reference/model number and beginning of the serial number (ie. Z-serial number.)

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George asks…

Where can I get clear boots shoe box in Sydney?

I need a shoe box around 50 cm in length. Thanks.

rmahadevan answers:

We are the wholesale in China,we could supply you many fashion bags,sheos,jewelry,clothing,such as gucci,coach,lv,chanel,fendi ect.



Payment: paypal and western union.

Sandra asks…

Where can i get the answers for my questions? How can i check the answers?

rmahadevan answers:

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you can find many cheap and fashion stuff

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louboutin boots

12USD T shirts (Polo ,edhardy,lacoste) $12

30USD Jean(True Religion,edhardy,co ogi) $30

12USD Sunglasses (Oakey,coach,gucci,Armaini) $12

12USD New era cap $15

16USD Bikini (Ed hardy,polo) $16



======== ==========

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Donald asks…

What are the timeless ‘Fashion Basics’ that every woman needs in her closet?

I need to refine my wardrobe, and would love some lists from classy yet trendy women. Any online sites with reasonable prices are welcome. :-)

rmahadevan answers:

Good question.

– a simple and very basic white tee
– a pair of jeans that suits her (doesnt matter if its skinny, boot cut whatever)
– lil black dress (preferably vintage)
– a burberry trench coat (or any other trench coat but i suggest burberry)
– a leather jacket
– a cashmere sweater
– a hoodie
– any juicy couture sweatpants u know stuff like that
– gold heels
– a designer handbag. (just get one if ur on budget but dont buy fakes. I suggest either mulberry bayswater bag or the fendi spy bag)

i dunno. I think these should be nuff. Well actually there’s more but these are the basics i guess. Try vintage stores. It’s okay to indulge with the basics. Cuz it’s the classics so spend spend spend.
I hope this helps good luck!

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Mary asks…

What is the social environmental and economic effect of Nuclear energy?

Be indepth if u can. Good link (no wiki) would be nice. Plz answer soon ty.

rmahadevan answers:

When you look at the so-called “nuclear fuel cycle”, you realize pretty quickly that this nuclear fuel cycle is mainly a rather expensive method of producing a large amount of some pretty dangerous waste. Furthermore, it becomes quickly clear that we’re not actually dealing with a cycle by any means here, but rather, it’s a cycle with a great number of open ends if one might call it a cycle at all. So, one cannot speak of “recycling” in any sense as suggested by the term. . . .
[I]n order to run this reactor for one year, in order to generate power, one begins with the mining of 440,000 tons of rock. After the various steps, 33 tons of uranium fuel remain in the end. So, of 440,000 tons of rock, 33 tons of fuel is left-over. . . .
So, what’s left over is here: Just under a twentieth, that is, five percent of the original activity taken from the ground actually goes into the reactor, and 95 percent remain in the landscape. . . .
[T]he results show that it is uranium mining alone which is responsible for the greatest proportion of the health-related damages.
[T]he operation of a single 1-gigawatt nuclear power plant, . . . Produces in one year 76 fatalities due to the radon alone coming from the tailings. That’s based on the numbers of the IAEA. And that’s not during the year that the energy is produced, but rather, it’s integrated throughout all eternity; that is, radon will be released for millennia. So, this one year of energy production results in these fatalities throughout the future. . . .
[F]or one year of a reactor’s operation, a further 20 fatalities are due only to the fact that radium makes its way into the ground water. So, first we had 76, now 20; that adds up to almost 100 fatalities for one power plant for one year. About 400 are installed, I believe, throughout the world. That means that one year of operation of the current atomic industry results in 40,000 deaths per year resulting from uranium mining alone!

Donald asks…

How can I check to see if an item has been stolen before i buy?

How can I check to see if an item has been stolen before i buy? I’ve heard through grapevine that it is. I have the serial number. I called the police station to ask but they told me that i cant get that information. What do you think? Any ideas?

rmahadevan answers:

Most things have been stolen before. Sad but true. I’m sure you saw or have heard about that 60 Minutes investigation that showed that all paper money now has cocaine residue on it. Similarly, just about everything has been stolen at least once, and about half of everything has been stolen two or three times, before it even reaches the average consumer! As another example of the fact that we never know what we’re buying, a random sampling of over-the-counter, nonprescription drugs like cold medicine and cough syrup, etc.–pulled right off the shelves from drugstores and supermarkets across the country–showed that about 20 percent of all such items were counterfeit! Yes, “copies” or knockoffs of cold medicine, made in China, illegally imported, unapproved by the FDA, and on sale on store shelves across America! This study was done before the lead paint scandal involving toys and baby clothes made in China, so the medicines were not tested for lead content, but no doubt they contain dangerously high levels (not to mention copper sulfate–don’t buy anything that looks greenish!), as does everything in China, as a result of the 40-year Russo-Chinese War. In short, there is no way to avoid buying stolen goods anymore, but consumer groups have a few tips on how to buy things that have only been stolen once or twice in the past. It turns out, that the more an item has been stolen and resold, the more likely it is to have been exposed to deadly radon gas, due to the likelihood of having been stored in underground parking garages, where criminals are known to have daytime jobs. Check the Consumer Reports website, for a good checklist of things to check for before hitting the checkout line. And, finally, buying goods that have been stolen before is one thing, but for goodness sake, don’t buy anything that is stolen now! One surefire thing to check for is to ask yourself, “Is the item here?” If it is not there, chances are good it has been stolen, so leave it be. (Of couse it could be that it has been bought, but that’s not our concern.) But just remember the slogan: “If it’s not there, don’t buy it.” and you should be right at LEAST half the time.

Steven asks…

How much radiation is really being emitted into the atmosphere?

Phones, TV’s, microwaves… what next? It’s all being emitted into the atmosphere but how much radiation can we really take when there’re new emerging technologies being invented all the time. When’s enough really going to be enough?

rmahadevan answers:

You are correct, that there are more and more things using the newer technologies.
We also need to think about the fact that there are many types of radiation. Visible light and heat are radiation.
Good working microwaves should not leak any radiation. RADAR is the same radiation and is used .microwaves are also used to send tv and radio communication between towers.
The infrared used in a tv remote does not effect us.
There is greater radiation as w fly cross country. Pilots are only allowed so many cross country flights per month because of this radiation from outer space.
We do need to reduce the number of xrays we get.
Avoid ultraviolet (black light)
Keep LASER pointer beams from yes.Use ear piece instead of holding cell phone to the ear.
Use sun block, often
Sit away from tv’s
Use an ear piece instead of holding the cell phone to the ear
There is natural radiation from radioactive materials being released all the time. [example is uranium which is in most rocks turning into radon. We do not want radon in our basement]
But, radiation being released into the air does not continue on and on and effect us that much.

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Richard asks…

How can I get my omega 3’s during pregnancy without the fish?

I am 6 weeks 3 days pregnant and I am having difficulty eating most things because I have severe ‘morning sickness’ all day. I know that omega 3 fatty acids are one of the important elements of growth and development. I have looked at a list of foods that are rich in omega 3‘s…but they are all foods that make me nauseous right now. My doctor’s appt. isn’t for another week…could I take a fish oil supplement?

rmahadevan answers:

DHA pills!!!!!!!!!!!!! Walmart sells them for about $8. I took these every day I was pregnant and breastfeeding. We can TELL how much our daughter sees things and how observant she is. People are always remarking about how they can’t get over how observant she is!

Companies are also putting DHA in formula and baby foods now too.

James asks…

Can you recommend me a good omega 3/fish oil supplement for my cats?

I’m looking to get an omega 3/fish oil supplement for my cats that I can mix in with their canned food. (Blue Buffalo Wilderness if it makes a difference.) Both of my cats are older males (one is probably 11-12, the other about 9). They’re not particularly picky eaters. Any recommendations?

rmahadevan answers:

I agree with Susan. Nordic Naturals is one of the best out there. I like their filtration process. Cheapest I’ve been able to find them is iHerb; if you go with them, there’s a $5 off code: PIR752. BTW, kudos for even thinking to ask this question. Most pet owners don’t know enough about nutrition to realize they need omega threes and the like.

David asks…

Is there an Omega-3 supplement that does not contain oil obtained from clubbed seals?

I wrote to my local health food store, and they cannot guarantee that the Omega-3 pills they carry do not carry seal oil – vaguely referred to as ‘fish oils’ – AND I wrote to a large vitamin company, and they said that they are working on it.

rmahadevan answers:

Check out NUTRILITE…
Http:// password health

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