Linda asks…

If I work at citizens bank as a personal banker can I have an E-trade account?

I do not carry any licenses with any brokerage firms what so ever. I am just a personal banker for RBS citizens bank. Thanks for any answers.

rmahadevan answers:

As long as you are only using the E-trade account for your own personal investments, you’re fine. If you start trying to give investment advise to your clients without the proper licensing, then you could find yourself without a job and in trouble with the SEC.

Paul asks…

Whats the number to check my bank account over the phone for citizens bank?

Whats the number to check my bank account over the phone for citizens bank?

rmahadevan answers:


John asks…

Has anybody ever hit a homerun in ashburn alley at citizens bank park?

Has it ever happened before? And how long is homeplate to ashburn alley in citizens bank park?

rmahadevan answers:


390 feet to the Ashburn Alley.

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Lizzie asks…

Does using a Sephora Gift Card add towards your BeautyInsider points?

Does it? Because when I used a promotional coupon, they added the discounted money into my points, and when I went to buy my friend a Sephora Gift Card, points weren’t added to my count, but I just wanted to make sure. :D

rmahadevan answers:

Yes, thats the purpose.
Sephora has great rewards~

Nancy asks…

when ur shopping online at jcpennys and u click sephora can u use a jcpennys gift card?

can i use my jcpennys gift card for sephora or do i have to use a credit/debit or a sephora gift card? idk if they make them or not, im just asking though.

rmahadevan answers:


Daniel asks…

Who out there is not getting thier parent Christmas gifts?

I think it rude not to get your parents Christmas gifts, but this year I’m broke! I had to use my allowance to eat so I’m out of cash and I feel really bad. My mom asked for a sephora gift card. My older brother who is 19 has two jobs and got it for her(she doesn’t know yet). I feel really bad I didn’t get her anything. What can I do to make it up to her?

rmahadevan answers:

Make them something. Parents love that. Or tell them you’ll take them out to eat when you have money. Or borrow money from your brother?

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Mary asks…

How much is a Book Club Edition of And to Think I Saw it on Mulberry Street worth?

The book is in great shape with minor corner wear and has been on a book shelf most of its life and has been handled very little. I have pictures of the book available if that helps to I.D. it. Thank you for your help.

rmahadevan answers:

It is worth $10

John asks…

Where are the best parts of Canal Street it NYC?

Where are the best parts of Canal Street to get the highest quality replicas and counterfeits?

rmahadevan answers:

Canal & Mulberry in Chinatown. Have fun!!

Donna asks…

What Area like Soho, Little Italy, China Town streets are the most popular?

I will be going this July and I want to visit these areas (Soho, Little Italy, China Town)and maybe some recommended by locals. I have already been to time square. I would really like to know which streets in these areas are considered favorites by the locals. Please help!

rmahadevan answers:

My friend, let me break it down for you.

SoHo: Houston Street is the main street and the most famous. Also Broadway from 8th Street to about Price Street, which including Houston Street have the best shops for young folks.

Chinatown: Canal Street, the most famous street in the city where you can get the fake purses, watches and anything that will coast a pound and a crown anywhere eles.

Little Italy: if you want to experience the real Little Italy, well may recommend two places. The first one is Mulberry Street from Baxter to Grand Street. There you will find a lot of italian eateries that are still stand there and have not moved in ages.

The second place I would recommend, will require a ride on the subway north, to the Bronx. Aurthur Avenue, from 183rd Street to Fordham Road has the perfect example of hometown Italian neighborhood in the city.

I hope this information is very helpful. Good luck and enjoy.

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Ken asks…

How to open back of Tissot Seastar Seven Wristwatch – Require Key 315 T?

Is there a Mcgyver way to open this watch ?

How to open back of Tissot Seastar Seven – Require Key 315 T

rmahadevan answers:

315T is the number for the crystal size in Tissot’s own tool set. Seastar Seven has a monocoque case, so you need to take out the crystal first before the movement. A Tissot boutique should have the tool key, a watchmaker may have it, or you can use any good adjustable crystal remover to detach the crystal glass. Be extra careful not to scratch the glass if you do it on your own.

David asks…

Anyone know where I can get a replacement battery fitted for a Tissot Rock Watch?

I have several Tissot Rock Watches which need new batteries, but have been quoted ridiculous prices by several jewellers (almost twice the value of the watches!). Does anybody know where I can get replacement batteries fitted at a reasonable price?
They HAVE been checked out by a jewellers before, and had them sent to Tissot for replacement batteries before, so they ARE genuine. It just seems that since the last time I had a battery fitted, the price for a replacement has gone up four fold. These are Rock Watches ie. Made of Swiss granite and Tissot stopped making new ones around 1989/1990. £120 for a replacement battery for an £80 watch is a bit over the top. Omega never made a Rock Watch!

rmahadevan answers:

The movement inside is a simple quartz one like millions of other watches.
Opening and resealing the case is the only part that could be difficult.

If you really only want the battery changed and not overhauled then it is possible to remove the back, replace the battery – replace the ‘O’ ring and very carefully tighten the screws. They and the case are fragile.

The tools are available and the batteries are cheap.
Buy old watches from a charity shop and practice!
Spend less than £20 in tools and parts and never go to a jeweller again

Ruth asks…

What is the name of this victorian-era piece of furniture?

This is a photograph of the piece of a classical victorian-era bedroom.

The piece I am referring to is in the upper left side where a small child is peeking out from it looking down at the children.

rmahadevan answers:

Appears to be a freestanding folding privacy screen.

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Sharon asks…

How much would a Rolex Oyster Perpetual 18K Gold Cost to Sell to Rolex Store?

I would like to know how much would a Rolex Oyster Perpetual 18K Gold cost to sell to Rolex store. Model #8570F. I really wanna sell it. Please let me know how much its worth if I sell it.

rmahadevan answers:

Will a store like rolex even take it back if its been worn? Go to the store and ask what they would take for it.

Laura asks…

How do i replace the bezel insert of my Rolex Submariner?

Need to replace the black bezel insert on my fake rolex, got the spare part but can’t afford or find a watchmaker who can do the job. So, how do i replace the bezel insert without damaging the watch?

rmahadevan answers:

Here is a link on how to replace the bezel of an authentic Rolex…


Granted that you own a replica and replicas do not under go quality control, this information may or may not prove beneficial.

A reputable jeweler or watch maker will not service Rolex replicas.

Ditch the fake and buy a watch from a legitimate watch manufacturer.

Michael asks…

How much does a rolex watch cost?

I am thinking about buying a basic rolex watch (genuine, not fake). Does anyone know which model is the cheapest and how much it would cost? Depending on which shop I look in the prices differ so much. I am in the UK.. Thanks.
ps. its not for me, its a present

rmahadevan answers:


(ANS) Real Rolex watches, NOT fakes or copies cost from around £1,200 upwards to the skies the limit. You can now buy Rolex watches with diamonds encrusted all over them. If you have a bank balance big enough.

**Personally having had a Rolex for a time (inherited it), I think they are ugly & totally over rated and I certainly wouldn’t waste my money on buying one. Even if I had enough to purchase one in the future.

**You’d probably get mugged for it, if you actually wore it in the street anyway. I have even heard stories of people being mugged for fake Rolexs.


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Lisa asks…

What kind of person buys Oakley sunglasses they are freaking UGLY?

They look like something from a Sci-Fi movie, the lenses are hideous, the designs are ugly. They are something that looks like is meant to be worn only once. Please, don’t say “You, can’t afford them that’s why you are saying that”, I have $300 Prada Aviators, $600 vintage Gucci eyeglasses, and I gave away $500 Prada frames to a friend.

rmahadevan answers:

A person that has a different sense of style than you do. Maybe even someone who has a BETTER sense of style than you do, knowing that different frame shapes are appropriate for different social situations and different “looks”.

Are you also critical of people who buy different styled clothing than you? How about different cars? Do you wonder about people who by Minivans vs Crossovers vs Sport Activity Vehicles vs Sedans?

So it sounds like you’re more into the “preppy” or classic look. Not everyone is going to like your style. Do these look like they belong in a Sci-Fi movie? You might want to educate yourself on the product line first:

I mean really, these Prada glasses look pretty Sci-Fi:

In terms of your “high fashion” glasses, you may be able to afford them, but you obviously don’t know much about the technology that goes into sunglasses. Sunglasses aren’t just there to “look good”, at least they shouldn’t be. Sure your Prada glasses look great, but what kind of materials are they made of? How safe would they keep your eyes if a passing car kicked up a pebble and it hit you. It happens more often than you think.

Just watch these videos and ask yourself if your Prada or Gucci glasses can do the same thing. HINT: they can’t.


Just a few things to consider when you wonder about the TYPE of person who buys Oakley sunglasses.

Remember, everyone has their own style. Just because it doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean its wrong or that there’s something wrong with the person.


Lizzie asks…

Where Can I Find Cheap Knockoff Eyeglasses?

Something like Prada, Gucci, Dolce. I don’t know. Some sites would be great.
I’m looking for eyeglasses, not sunglasses.

rmahadevan answers:
My wife bought some Dolce & Gabbana’s real nice at half the price.


Chris asks…

What do you think of prada eyeglasses?

What do you think of them? Do you think way too many people wear them?
I found a pair I like but I feel like I see prada everywhere on all sorts of types of people

rmahadevan answers:

If you like them wear them simple as that :) , I have burberry glasses and I love them good luck!

Answer mine please?

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Susan asks…

Hermes birkin bag price in france?

i am planning to buy birkin 35 in france does anyone know how much is it now?

rmahadevan answers:

From 4500€, depending on the leather you choose and the details.

You have a long waiting list, as you know, they’re handmade by the same person from A to Z.

Sandra asks…

How much would you pay for a Hermes Birkin bag?

rmahadevan answers:

I just couldnt justify spending that much on a bag- the cheapest one Ive seen is about 5000 pounds which is a totally crazy price!
I collect vintage and newer designer handbags and recently found an authentic gucci bag at a charity shop for a tenner, which shows that bargains can be found if you look hard enough.
My most expensive bag was a preowned Vuitton alma multicolore which cost me 400pounds, I wrestled with the idea of spending that much on a bag for ages and thats definitely my limit!
However, If money was no option, Id love a birkin!

Lisa asks…

How much do hermes bags cost?

I heard that they go from 6500!! Is that true?? There are like lots of bags in stores do people really buy them?!

rmahadevan answers:

Well I assume you’re speaking about the Hermes Birkin if so it all depends on the size,type of leather and other additional features that you wan’t on your bag for instance a standard Birkin size 30 with regular togo leather runs for around $8,000 USD but like i said if you want a bigger size or custom features or say crocodile or ostrich skin it could run anywhere from $8,000-$150,000 USD I know that one Birkin that was black crocodile leather and had a diamond clasp and lock ran for almost $200,000 dollars so yeah these are things to consider and yes people really do buy them if you have the money price isn’t a major concern.

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Betty asks…

how to tell if a ultima II charles revson reproduction of cartiers love bracelet is real and where was it made

have one marked made in england the other is not, want to know where these were made? charles revson did a special prommotion for Ultima II in the 70s, he created a reproduction of the real Cartier Love Bracelet. Want any info and to know if mine are really Charles Revsons reproduction, have the box, srew, story page but no pouch.

rmahadevan answers:

You’ll probably be better off checking at the local antique store.

Donna asks…

how much does a Cartier love charity bracelet cost?

what is the price of cartier love bracelet? Thank you ;)

rmahadevan answers:

Do you mean like this one?


Which is selling for $5950 (in platinum)

Or this one

listed at $2950 (in yellow gold)?

To get into the $500 range you’d have to go foe sterling silver, like this one

listed for $550.

David asks…

How much is a Cartier LOVE bracelet?

I do not live in an area where there is a Cartier store and every time i look online there is no price. I just want to know how much i need to save.

rmahadevan answers:

ALOT the fact that they don’t tell you the price should let you know, you have to send an email request for pricing, I almost fell out of my chair some of them are in the upper thousands

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Carol asks…

What kind of watches do the Swiss where? Which watches are most popular in Switzerland?

What brand wrist watches do the Swiss wear? Swatch, Chopard, something in the middle?

rmahadevan answers:

Many Swiss wear Swiss watches of course (e.g. Mondaine, Tissot, Longines, IWC, Swatch). People who prefer digital watches often have a japanese Casio. I think most people who wear a watch have something between Swatch and Tissot (50$-500$). But now less and less people are wearing wristwatches, especially younger people prefer to look up the time on their mobile phone. But I think almost everyone posseses one ore more swiss watches.

Jenny asks…

Who is the blonde hottie in the Subway commercial?

She appears to be a gymnast. She has a great body and wonderful pecs!

rmahadevan answers:

Nastia Liukin – and, yes, she is (was) a gymnast.

“Liukin’s corporate sponsors include Visa, AT&T, GK Elite Sportswear and Longines. She appeared in an Adidas commercial with Nadia Comăneci which ran during the 2004 Olympics and a 2008 commercial for Visa Inc. She signed an endorsement deal on March 15, 2010 and appears in commercials for Subway[66] After the Beijing Olympics, she was signed to be one of two American Olympians featured on Wheaties cereal boxes.”

Ruth asks…


The watch is gold, has diamonds in it that are used as gears so it doesn’t wear out as easily, but it isn’t working, and the back is missing. its a Longines 22ls and am pretty sure its from 1953. ANY INFO WILL HELP!

rmahadevan answers:

Contact Gold And Silver Jewelry in Las Vegas

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Robert asks…

How to get that “worn” look with new Louis Vuitton bag?

I love how some Louis Vuitton bags get that “worn” vintage look where the leather turns into a rich dark brown color and the canvas softens. I have had my LV speedy for about a year now, and the leather still looks light and really sort of stiff! My friends didn’t even believe it was a real bag (it is 100% real!!) Anyone know how I can speed up the process?

rmahadevan answers:

You will get the dark color the soonest on the handle. This is simply from natural oils on your hands. I got my first LV about 3 years ago and it is still fairly light. It definitely is darker than when I got it, but it is not even close to the dark color you are looking for. I keep all of my LV bags in their pouches when I’m not using them. The only recommendation I would give you is to keep it out when not in use. I personally wouldn’t take a chance on ruining the leather by trying to put anything on it to speed up the darkening process.

Mandy asks…

How can I authenticate a Louis Vuitton Bag?

Have a Louis Vuitton Bag I was given, I need to authenticate before I sell it to buy presents because I’m broke. It’s got the numbers & inscriptions & I think it’s for real, but how do you make sure so you can represent it as real? Any Idea how I check it for sure? It has a number of M51148, most of those are canvas lined but this is leather lined. It’s a Murakami design I think, black background multi colored. Any help would be appreciated.

rmahadevan answers:

There are sites who will authenticate designer items on line for free. You have to send pictures or an auction number. You can also call the company to ask if the number is correct, but they don’t usually like to verify authenticity or the lack of it, because they want you to buy from them.

That number is of a cabas piano, they were never multi colored, and they were always canvas lined.

I’m sorry, you’ve got a fake, but they can be made as good as originals & often are, so you may have a high quality bag anyway. If it’s got crooked stitching cheap materials & hardware, it’s a cheap dog crap fake.

Ebay has a guide, but according to their guide that’s not a real number, but it is, their guide is WRONG

Steven asks…

What would you do if you found 100k cash in a louis vuitton bag?

i just want to know what would you guys do if you found 100k cash in a louis vuitton bag.would you keep it or turn it in.if you would keep it what would you spend it on?>

rmahadevan answers:

I would turn it in to a police station. Maybe it belongs to someone and it’s their life savings.

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Lizzie asks…

Where can I find leather handbag sewing classes in the North Dallas Texas area?

I live in far North Dallas – but I really want a few classes taught by experienced handbag designers.

rmahadevan answers:

Cheap and free shipping

Sharon asks…

What other purse brands are there for younger people like teenagers?

besides juicy and betsey johnson. i like bright colors and lots of sparkles but betsey and juicy are the only handbag designers that meet those standards, guess is more sophisticated i’m looking for something for a younger target market like 16-early 20′s

rmahadevan answers:

Paul’s boutique, jack wills, kitson… (just so you know paul’s and jack are english if you aren’t from here)

Charles asks…

Is guess a good handbag designer compared to all the others? Ill love suggestions of other designers too!?

I waned to buy a guess purse but my mom told me that guess isn’t reallly as good of a designer as coach, dooney, louis vuitton ect.
So I would like to know what yall think and if yall think that guess isn’t campatible… Thanks yall!

rmahadevan answers:

Guess and Coach both aren’t designer. They are high-end brands. It doesn’t matter which ones you get, though. Your mom is right. Coach, Dooney & Bourke, and Louis Vuitton are all more expensive than Guess, but Guess is a great brand. I own all of these, and I like them all!

Louis Vuitton is usually very expensive, so if you don’t mind splurging, then go for it! Also in the splurge category would be Michael Kors & Chanel.

I like Dooney & Bourke, too! It would usually be in the semi-expensive category, along with Coach.

Guess, Kathy Van Zeeland, Jessica Simpson & Maxx New York are all great handbag lines that are still maybe a tad bit expensive, but cheaper than the others I listed.

So, it all depends on your price range. All of the ones I listed are my favorites. I own some of each. So, just go for what you like!

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